Athletes With Asthma 

Whats Included?

  • Science-based education to help you better understand your asthma and breathing

  • Personal reflection videos on our challenges of growing up with asthma in sports

  • Self-assessments throughout the course for athletes to address their specific limitations

  • 100+ videos on the Pillars of Performance

  • Breathing assessment from the #1 book on helping athletes with breathing issues

  • Insight into our favorite breathing apps, books and online resources

  • Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions from parents about their child’s asthma and how it affects their athletics
    Research-backed meditation strategies for improved asthma symptoms and performance

  • Access to the private Athletes With Asthma Facebook Community with additional access to content and interaction with course instructors


  • Bodyweight program requires no additional equipment

  • Weight room program requires additional equipment

    • General gym equipment including:

      • Trap Bar

      • Mini Hurdles

      • 4-8 lb medicine ball

      • Dumbbells

      • Pull-Up Bar

      • Lacrosse Ball

      • Foam Roller

      • Physio Ball

  • Sprinting program requires a timer (app on phone will work)​​


Amanda R.

"The information within this program is extremely valuable, and a unique way to approach managing your asthma. It gives you long term tools to continue to improve performance and breath efficiency. I found the diet to be a very easy change and while I haven’t added things back in yet I did notice a boost in energy and a reduction in brain fog."

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