Whats Included?

  • ​Complete 10-week, 4-phased program, with 3 training days/week to maximize explosiveness for sport

  • 60 in-depth video demonstration on exercise technique, tempo and set-up

  • Online PDF/Ebook including KEY concepts and program specifics

  • Cues throughout for optimal muscle recruitment patterns

  • Detailed template to track your progress

  • Tips on optimal training strategies to maximize benefit


  • General gym equipment (substitution options available in program)

  • Trap Bar (substitute dumbbells or barbell)

  • Resistance band

  • Plyo box (bench or chair)

  • TRX straps (optional)

  • Dumbbells

  • Pull-up bar (substitute lat pull-downs)


Luke N.

“Doing the BOUNCE program has increased my vertical by 10 inches over a short period of time. This has allowed me to be able to compete and win at a higher level. I would highly recommend this for any athlete that is trying to take their sport seriously.”

Eric S.

“The BOUNCE program ended up being exactly what I was looking for. It is easy to follow, uses accessible gym equipment, and most importantly, it works! It helped me get my standing vertical to 39 inches!”

Justin L.

Working with Brad was a great experience where I was given the tools to succeed and was able to ask questions and receive guidance on any aspect  of the program or my training that I needed to help me reach my goals. The program has helped me now live my life free of knee pain which is something I never thought I would say before working with Brad and doing the program, I am now back to training hard with no fear of knee pain/injury and my strength has  reached levels I never thought it could before.

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