Lower body Mobility

Whats Included?

  • Science-Based Education To Help You Better Understand Your Body

  • Subjective And Objective Self-Assessments To Address Your Limitations

  • 30+ Exercise Videos To Maximize Your Mobility, Stability & Strength

  • Cues On Proper Form For A Number of Functional Movements & Exercises

  • How To Make Small Changes To Your Routine That Make A Huge Difference

  • Health Education To Help You Feel Empowered And More Autonomous On Your Fitness Journey

  • Printable PDF To Follow Along And Take Notes

  • 2 Week Challenge To Jump-Start Your Path To Physical Freedom


  • Lacrosse ball


Laura B.

We found Brad and Tom’s lower body mobility course to be very informative and fun! They are very passionate about what they do and pass it onto others. I’ve used what I learned in their seminar in my boot camp classes already, and my husband has been consistent in doing the treatments every night. We are excited to continue using Bold Base Performance as a resource to help us stay active!

Lori R.

This was very informative  with great demonstrations and presentations for feet, ankles, hips, and knees. I keyed in on the feet information as I have had terrible feet pain with extensive walking when traveling. I've improved this immensely with stretching, strengthening, and good shoe choices. I’ve been doing the information they presented and it works! Brad and Tom took what I know to another level.  It was money well spent with handouts and video access to continue the learning independently. 


Tom and Brad presented a lot of good information that I can use going forward. I need all the flexibility I can get as I get older and will definitely use what I learned from this course!

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