Bold Base Performance is a health and sports performance organization that aims to provide the best education available in training, rehab, health and human optimization.


Our mission is to optimize your performance, grow your mindset and change your system.


  • Create a system that improves people’s health, confidence, knowledge and success.

  • Become an ultimate resource for individuals to optimize their performance, grow their minds and change their systems.

  • Give back to the family, friends and communities that gave us the opportunities to succeed in life by providing the best education about training, rehab, health and human optimization.


Growing up, my two older brothers were my heroes. I wanted to play sports like them and do what they did. We were a basketball-oriented family and I tried everything to get better and jump higher. I used jump-sole shoes, wore ankle weights, did tons of jump rope, heavy calf raises, and consumed an unhealthy amount of protein shakes. I didn't know the right information on HOW to train or program, the importance of sleep, diet, recovery, or stress. I struggled to navigate the confusing landscape of information on training and sports performance. I became obsessed with working out as a way to combat my insecurities of being a tall, skinny boy, who was a mediocre athlete.


As I aged, I was consumed with learning more about the body, its function, abilities, etc. This lead me to physical therapy where I saw an opportunity to help people find the best information out there so they didn't have to struggle like I did; to avoid spending countless hours google-ing and crushing themselves with workouts that were not going to support growth. I found a passion in meandering through training, sports performance, rehabilitation, and general wellness practices. What emerged was the importance on focusing on the “big pillars”: sleep, diet, healthy relationships (with food, yourself, and people), and exercise. I found a tight-knit group of people who could push, support, and challenge each other to be our best possible selves.


The last few years I have committed myself to learning and growing in every way possible to position myself as someone who can provide others with the best information out there. We as humans are meant to move and with the lifestyles we are living, ignoring our mental health and being sedentary all day (desk job anyone?) it is SO important to be physically active. I want to be an “older brother” and source of truth, someone who people can trust so they don't have to waste their time training poorly and busting ass for minimal to no results. I want to help people work smarter, not harder. I want to change lives on a larger scale. I never want to stop changing, learning, growing, improving, and optimizing. And, I want to take as many people with me as I can.


For me, I want to provide my kids more opportunities than I had as a kid. I had a great childhood, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My parents had a similar “why” for me. Being a smaller, not as athletic kid who had trouble with staying healthy, a system like I want to create would have done WONDERS for my health, confidence, mental state and success in sports. Given the resources of how to eat, how to sleep, how to work out and how to develop a proper mindset would have driven me to be a better version of myself. I was looking for these answers, but didn't always know who to trust or where to find them.  


I have always reached out for mentors at every stage in my life. Teachers in school, colleagues at world, friends and family at home, coaches in sports, certain athletes and celebrities. I have always had strong role models to look up to and emulate. The strongest of these being my parents. Whenever I accomplished a huge task (graduating college and PT school), I wanted to be a resource for others following that same path. I understand now that I can best help people with their physical health and performance through training. I want to lay the ground work for others to follow and seek me out for advice. 


The ultimate joy I get in life is accomplishing a tough task with a group of close knit people. This is not unique to me, but I want to recreate that experience for others through training. Building a business with one of my best friends has been a great experience. Sharing our knowledge, our triumphs and failures, and giving people the best, most conscience knowledge to achieve their optimal health.