Hit Your Target

Today I highlight 3 simple yet effective ways for achieving goals. Every couple of months, I audit my goals and make new ones. This process had helped me graduate from Saint John's, pass physical therapy boards and start Bold Base Performance. If you are having trouble achieving your goals, take a peek below to help you get a better system in place.

1. Write them down.

I used to think this was the silliest thing. Why write a goal down when I can keep it in my head? Well, to my surprise, I have found I get to my goals faster and more often if I physically right them down or, in 2019, on my OneNote file. To better this process, adding in actionable steps and a solid plan for achieving this goal will improve your success instead of just the goal. Keeping these written goals in an easy to access place will allow you to see them more often and ultimately work more often towards them.

2. Tell someone

One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to tell someone close to you about a goal that you have. The accountability factor will exponentially increase when someone else knows you are working towards a goal. Tell your boss about your idea for a social media campaign for the company. Tell your friends about your desire to plan a surprise party for your sibling. Tell your significant other about your travel goals. The more people hear about your aspirations, the more you will reach them.

3. Find people with similar goals

Try eating in a house where everyone else snacks on chips and cookies all the time. It will be beyond difficult. Structuring your life to have people that have similar goals and dreams will better position you to make progress to your own goals. It doesn’t matter which goals you have, just start finding people who are headed in a similar direction as you are. Why do you think famous actors and athletes are always hanging out together? They have similar passions, goals and work ethics, not just similar bank accounts. Surround yourself with the people who push you to be a better you.

Need help setting goals? Reach out to me and we can find a system that works best for you!