Surround Yourself With Greatness

I had an absolutely wonderful experience this weekend getting to spend time with Nick St. Louis, founder of The Foot Collective. Nick has been someone I have admired from afar via social media, podcasts and other mediums as a brilliant mind in the health care world. This experience of golfing, bonding over Brasa (amazing restaurant, by the way), podcasting and spending a full day in his seminar gave me the inspiration for this post.

I am not alone in this regard, but the older I get the more I realize how important it is to surround yourself with people who allow you to be your best self. This picture depicts the three main areas of my life I hold dearly to me:


My mom is one of the most amazing human beings that I know. Although I am biased in this regard as most people are about their mother, I still appreciate the things she continues to do for me. I don’t recall very many social things my mom has been more excited for than this class she wanted to come to this weekend that Nick put on. Her constant enthusiasm, passion and thoughtfulness in coming allowed me to feel great about helping set it up and the opportunity to share with her all that we learned together.


Brad Baker and I met in physical therapy school and have bonded well ever since. He helped me set up this course this weekend (google “foot collective seminar” and attend one for yourself, it is worth every penny) and brought as much energy and enthusiasm as my mom did to it. Having friends that have similar goals, interests, motivations and attitudes will allow you to reach your potential infinitely much faster. Find good friends and stick with them.

Role Models

Nick is an A+ human being, physio and teacher. I have met few people who are as kind, generous and present as he was this past weekend. For those of you that don’t follow him on social media, @thefootcollective, please take the time to check him out. The content he has put out over the last 1-2 years has dramatically improved my health and helped shape my career. Having strong role models in your life will allow for you to have the same benefits. Finding them can be tough, but the reward is beyond what you thought possible.

I hope everyone reading this has a strong family, passionate friends and positive role models. These three elements of your social support will give you the best opportunity to maximize your potential and give back to others. I will touch more on what I learned from this weekend in future posts, but today is a huge thank you to the people (yes, all of you that read this, I am so thankful) that are so great.