We are looking forward to hosting future seminars for people looking to improve their physical well-being. If you, your company or somebody you know would be interested in hosting us, please reach out to us at boldbaseperformance@gmail.com.

We will post here when we have future seminars scheduled. Check back for details on how past seminars have gone!

Together with Brad and Tom, you will learn how to restore your body and correct your own dysfunction. We will be in constant motion throughout the session as we work with you to teach you how to optimize your hips, ankles, and feet to improve your daily life. Especially if you've had issues in the past with knees, back, hips, ankles, or feet! This course is for anybody looking to improve their mobility, movement, and performance.


We will teach you:

- How to offset the effects of constant sitting (desk job, driving, Netflix binging, eating, etc.)

- How to address your own impairments in the present and tools to do so in the future

- How to optimize your movement for daily life (walking, bending, squatting, etc.) and training (sports performance, running, jumping, etc.)



Hour 1:


Intro - Vision of Bold Base Performance, preventative care, current healthcare landscape

Foot & Ankle - Testing, biomechanics/anatomy, footwear, restoration, mobility, education & exercise

Hour 2:

Hip - Testing, biomechanics/anatomy, sitting, walking/running, mobility, movement, education & exercise



What you will leave with:

- Mobility ball for continued restoration

- 40+ exercises (videos with cues showing you HOW to perform these exercises)

- Complete program packet for continued education, optimal joint re-wiring, and a 2-week mobility challenge included

- Resource and connection with us for future health and wellness optimization


What to bring/wear:

- Athletic, comfy clothes (we will be moving a lot)

- Water bottle

- Yoga mat (if you have one)

- Good attitude and eagerness to learn


And this is just the beginning. After leaving this seminar, you will have a whole new understanding of your body and how to correct your dysfunctions and optimize your own performance! Our goal is autonomy - giving you the tools and education you need in order to maximize your own life!


Bold Base's seminar was extremely informative and helpful for me understanding how the body functions. I wish I had this information so much earlier in life as a new perspective and enhancement to my prior experience in the medical field. Tom and Brad created a fun learning environment and empowered me to change the system in which my body functions rather than just chasing pain. I loved the experience and look forward to continuing learning from these two!


Thanks for putting on the seminar. You presented a lot of good information that I can use going forward. I need all the flexibility I can get as I get older and will use what I learned at the seminar. You both did a great job!


We found Brad and Tom’s foot and hip seminar to be very informative and fun! They are very passionate about what they do and pass it onto others. I’ve used what I learned in their seminar in my boot camp classes already, and my husband has been consistent in doing the treatments every night. We are excited to continue using Bold Base Performance as resource to help us stay active!


This was an informative couple hours with great demonstrations and presentations for feet, ankles, hips, and knees.  I keyed in on the feet information as I have had terrible feet pain with extensive walking when traveling.  I've improved this immensely with stretching, strengthening, and good shoe choices.  Some of the information I have already been doing and it works!  Brad  and Tom took what I know to another level.  It was a couple hours well spent with handouts and video access to continue the learning independently.  

Lori R.